Ian started playing at the age of 7 years, classically to start with and then (whilst attending as a junior exhibitioner at the Guildhall School,London) going on to play Irish folk music.


He then joined a band called "Hockett" aka "Magnet" . This band, around 1972, were called on by Gary Carpenter play the music for the "Wicker Man" .

For those of you who don't have the foggiest as to what I elude, the film is a cult classic , starring Britt Ekland, Edward Woodward and Christopher Lee.


Above: The famous bar scene for the "Landlord's Daughter" and " Gently Johnny" written by Paul Giovanni who is in the picture. More on this on the Wicker Man page.

What happened next ?

Ian went on to do live sessions including the John Peel show and the Cambridge Festival, with Hockett. After a little while in 1975 he joined the "Bully Wee" band.

Bully Wee at that time consisted of:

They were touring at this time in the UK and produced two albums , namely:

Bully Wee & Enchanted Lady . Frank then left in 1976 and was replaced by another Irishman , Fergus Feeley. This line-up made one album called "Silvermines".


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