This page contains track listings of significant recordings made by Ian, over the last 20 or so years.

His first album was "Bully Wee " in 1975.

The line up of the band at that time was :
Jim Yardley (Vocals,Mandolin,Guitar), John Yardley (Vocals,Guitar) , Frank Simon(Vocals,Guitar,Whistle) and Ian on the fiddle !!

  1. Trooper and the Maid
  2. The Friar's Britches/The Road to Boyle
  3. The Beggar Wench
  4. From the North
  5. Up and Down again/The Kid on the Mountain
  6. Highland Harry
  7. The Jolly Tinker/Rolling in the Rye Grass
  8. The Road to Dundee
  9. Arthur McBride
  10. The Three Healths
  11. The Lark in the Morning/Morrison's Jig
  12. Three Gypsies.

Produced under the label: Folksound FS102.(1975)

The next to be produced was also by "Bully Wee" in 1976, with the same line-up as before. This was beautifully entitled "Enchanted Lady"

  1. Kinkora Jig/Behind the Haystack/Willie Coleman's Jig
  2. The Cowdenknowes
  3. The Trumpet Hornpipe/The Mointeach Reel
  4. The Jolly Beggar/The Meadow
  5. Martin Wynns No2
  6. Enchanted Lady/Boys O'The Lough/Green Fields of Ross Beigh
  7. Cold Haily Windy Night
  8. The Banks of the Suir/Cortes Gardens
  9. The Snows

    Produced under the label "Red Rag".RRR007 (1976)


Next up was a sojorn from "Bully Wee" to play on an album compiled by Ashley Hutchings, also in 1976.

This was called "Son of Morris On "


There is only one track on which he appears.
It is entitled : Jockey to the Fair/Room for the Cuckolds.

Produced on the label "EMI" SHSM2012(1976)

After that little interlude , Ian was back recording with "Bully Wee " in 1978.

At this time there were a few changes taking place. Not least that they were now called "The Bully Wee Band".

The line-up had also changed to the following:
Jim Yardley(Vocals,Mandolin,Guitar,Whistle and Bouzouki), John Yardley(Vocals and Guitar), Fergus Feely (Bouzouki,Cello,Mandolin and Vocals), Ian Cutler(Violin,Viola,Organ,Harmonium and Vocals) Yes, he did sing !!

This album was entitled "Silvermines" The title was (we believe) devised by Fergus, about a place in Ireland.

  1. The Kielder Hunt
  2. Strike the Gay Harp/The Blarney Pilgrim
  3. The Hills of Ardmorn
  4. Leitrim Town/The Master Crowley/Kitty's Wedding
  5. Open the Door
  6. The Silvermines/Lady Anne Montgomery
  7. The Road to Dundee
  8. Arrival/Donnybrook Fair
  9. Leaboy's Lassie

This was produced on the label "Red Rag" RRR017.(1978)

The next album produced by "The Bully Wee Band" was done in 1980.
The line-up had changed again at this point and now consisted of :
Jim Yardley (Vocals,Guitar,Mandolin and Whistle), Colin Reece (Vocals and Guitars), Fergus Feely (Cello,Mandolin and Vocals)
Ian Cutler (Violin,keyboards,Viola and Vocals)

The title of this was "Madmen of Gotham"

  1. The Madmen of Gotham
  2. The Girl that Broke my Heart
  3. Tibbie Dunbar
  4. Cheapside
  5. Margaret's Waltz
  6. Patrick the Fabulous Magician
  7. Way Below the Tide
  8. The Wedding at Stanton Drew
  9. Geiranger/Gallagher's

This was produced on the label "Jigsaw " SAW1(1980)

As we have said before , in previous pages, this was not the last of Colin and Ian however.
They carried on gigging and then recorded a tape between them.

This was called "Face to Face" and was released in 1983.

The cover photograph , incidently , was taken by Ayesha , how they all managed to keep a straight face whilst taking it is beyond me !!

  1. Following the Rhyming Line
  2. Farmer of Doubt
  3. 'Tween Me and You
  4. Morning Knows
  5. Defending
  6. A Phew Tudes(Written by Ian)
  7. Lady Lovibond
  8. Skyline of New York
  9. The Laird of Drumblaire
  10. Sad and Lonely Clown

Produced by Ian and Colin .CRC103(1983)

At this point we have a recording break where Ian was persuing other careers.
He was still playing during most of this time but no albums were abounding.

The next up was the arrival of "The Hot Rats"

Now all details are on the Hot Rats website so I will just show the pictures and use our links page for more details. Including the very new album Hot Rats "Tour de France "


And then of course "Slaughterhouse" !!

  1. Preacher ring the Bell
  2. Azerie
  3. Mercedes in the drive
  4. Even Hookers sing the blues.
  5. Orange Blossom Special
  6. Sally free and easy
  7. When Mother says Move
  8. Princess Royal/Battle of the Somme
  9. The Swan
  10. Whirlyjig

This was Ian's first foray into producing a solo album and has many guests on it including Peter Knight, Colin Reece, Hugh Crabtree, Martin Vincent, Carlton Hunt and many others is realeased on SLP001 CD

Then we went for Slaughterhouse Live as a result of the 2003 live concert.

  1. Banks of the Suir/King of the Fairies/Fairy Dance
  2. Even Hookers sing the Blues
  3. Princess Royal/Battle of the Somme
  4. Lady Lovibond
  5. Rehradice/Walk in Brevnov
  6. Azerie
  7. The Swan/Preacher Ring the Bell
  8. Devil went down to Georgia
  9. Monti's Czardas
  10. When Mother says Move
  11. Orange Blossom Special
  12. Macedon Expresz/Galway Farmer

Relaesed on SLP002CD


Then Bully Wee Band comes back with 50 Channels Live

Track listings etc on the Bully Wee Band site on our links page.

And finally (for now) Dave Cousins' Album The Boy in the Sailor Suit


  1. Never take sweets from a stranger
  2. Mellow moon
  3. The smile you left behind
  4. Calling out my name
  5. Mother Luck
  6. Wish you were here
  7. Skip to my Lou
  8. Lonely days, lonely nights
  9. Bringing in the harvest
  10. Hellfire blues

Released on Witchwood Records and available online pretty much everywhere !!